• Browse Facebook photos on Windows Media Center

    The media center is a feature in recent versions of Windows (Vista and 7) that allows you to manage your media library in a simple and comfortable environment.
    We can browse photos of our computers, listening to music, watch videos, but also listen to online radio or watch streaming movies. Everything has been created to facilitate a connection to a TV or projector and exploit the potential of our PC. However Microsoft had not thought of adding Facebook so we found someone else.

    Photato is software, still in beta, that lets you view photo albums on Facebook directly to Windows Media Center. Just download the software here and proceed with the installation.
    When you open the program we will be asked to authenticate with your Facebook profile and enable the (usual permissions). After an initial synchronization, which may take several minutes depending on the number of friends and photo albums, you’ll find a screen with the ability to browse all the albums, of you and your friends directly in media center , with the same graphics and similar functions. Really nice and tested.


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