• Revolutions of Chin People

     In 1933 the Chin Union led by U Wanthu Maung and Thakhin Aung Min demanded the autonomy of Chinland to the British Governor of Burma.
     In 1948, Captain Mang Tung Nung formed the Chin People’s Freedom League and started the movement for the Rights of the people. It led the end of hereditary and the birth of Chin National Day in 1948, February 20.
     In 1957 the Chin People’s Freedom League and the Chin Union were amalgamated and then stood for the rights of the people under the constitution.
     In 1961 Pu Laldenga formed the Mizo National Front. The Mizo National Front entered to peace accord with the Government of India in 1986.
     In 1964, after the military coup led by General Ne Win, Col. Son Khaw Pau, Pu. Dam Khaw Hau, Pu. Mang Khan Pau, Pu. Hrang Nawl, Pu. Son Cin Lian and Pu. Thual Zen formed the Anti-communist Freedom Organization and then struggled for the Chin people freedom. It however, ended with the arrest of the leaders. But the movement still lingers in the minds of the people.
     On 30 December 1969 John Mang Tling and his comrades formed the Parliament Democracy Party and it later came to be known as Chin Democracy Party since 1st January, 1970.
     In February 2, 1970 Jimmy’s Zomi Chin Liberation Front amalgamates with Chin Democracy Party and then formed the new front called United Zomi Democracy Party.
     In 1976 the Chin Liberation Army, led by Major Sa Lian Zam, was formed. It was organized widely and young men from different parts from the Chin inhabitants joined it.
     In 1969 Pu Tial Khal formed the Chin Liberation Front. The president was Pu. Tial Khal, the Vice-president being Thawmluai and the Secretary of Foreign Affairs was Thawng Sai.
     In March 20, 1988 the Chin National Front was formed and then struggling for the self determination of the Chin people and restoration of democracy and federalism in the Union of Burma.

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