• List of Skype emoticons for Facebook (1/2)

    We have already published many posts with faces , with different themes: angry birds, spongebob, football teams, the meme and the giant faces. Each post is inspired are out of a new ideas and today we present a list of Skype emoticons for use in Facebook chat.
    We have collected all smileys, emoticons and smiley official or hidden Skype images, and we converted into smilies for FacebookWe hope you will appreciate the hours of work behind this long list and we hope you will help us spread and share it with your friends on Facebook.
    For those who do not know how to use these yet; these images work in Facebook chat and messages. You'll just need to copy and paste the code into any chat conversation on Facebook, and once you hit send the message the code is transformed into an image. If you do not see any face, let us know in the comments, thanks!


    Felicie - face that laughs - Smile[[319363101468521]]
    Sad - sad smiley[[319363128135185]]
    Ride - smiling[[319363148135183]]
    Cool - cool by wearing sunglasses[[319363178135180]]
    Wink - who drives away the eye[[319363194801845]]
    He cries - faces that is crying, with tears[[319363214801843]]
    Suda - tired with sweat on his forehead[[319363221468509]]
    Wordless - inexpressive[[319363248135173]]
    Kiss - kiss[[319363251468506]]
    Tongue - tongue out of mouth[[319363258135172]]
    Embarrassment, blushing - with red cheeks[[319363271468504]]
    Amazed with an edge-curled[[319363278135170]]
    He sleeps - with eyes closed - ZZZ[[319363314801833]]
    Bored - bored and boring smiley[[319363324801832]]
    Love - in love with little hearts emoticon[[319363334801831]]
    Talking - you're talking face[[319363361468495]]
    Yawn - mouth open and eyes closed[[319363378135160]]
    Vomiting - face that is puking[[319363394801825]]
    Doh! - Exclamation of oh![[319363404801824]]
    Angry - angry emoticon[[319363414801823]]
    Sweet eyes - as if to say "not me"[[319363421468489]]
    Party - festive face[[319363428135155]]
    Concerned - forward[[319363448135153]]
    MMM ...[[319363454801819]]
    Nerd - nerd smiley with glasses[[319363474801817]]
    Lips sewn - mouth shut[[319363481468483]]
    Hello - faces that greets with the hand[[319363491468482]]
    Call me - gesture with thumb and little finger[[319363501468481]]
    Devil - red devil smiley[[319363518135146]]
    Angel - emoticons with areola[[319363521468479]]
    Invisioso - smiley envious or jealous, green[[319363544801810]]
    Wait - a gesture to say "wait a minute"[[319363554801809]]
    Teddy Brown[[319363568135141]]
    Make up[[319363591468472]]
    Laughter blanket - hand over his mouth ^ ^[[319363618135136]]
    Thinker - emoticons with eyes high[[319363644801800]]
    Bow - with head down[[319363658135132]]
    Laughter running - head to the side[[319363671468464]]
    Fiu! - It wipes the sweat from fright[[319363681468463]]
    Happy - smile[[319363691468462]]
    Smirk - smirk[[319363694801795]]
    Fist - face with boxing gloves[[319363714801793]]

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